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Litter Busters!

Learn the intrepid tale of the Dump Busters and continue the legacy by busting some litter at Hitchcock Nature Center for Earth Day!

Rene Stroud, Naturalist
Conservation, Environmental Education, Events, Family Fun, Green Thumbs, Hiking, Hitchcock Nature Center, Holidays, Land Management, Loess Hills, Native Animals, Native Plants, Our Staff, Spring, Volunteering, Zero Waste

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Exploring the World of Zero Waste Living

Americans throw away about 251 million tons of garbage a year. This means the average household is throwing away about 1,600 pounds of garbage. That number might seem pretty daunting. It adds up to about 4 pounds of garbage a day. So what can we do to help cut out the rubbish?

Kristen Bieret, PCC Naturalist
Conservation, Zero Waste

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