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Pheasants Forever Habitat Area


The major flooding events of 2011 and 2019, and several smaller events between those years, brought with them and deposited seed from several aggressive and non-native invasive and noxious plant species.  Reasonable efforts by our Natural Areas Management staff to control these invaders proved insufficient and the native habitat originally planted gave way to heavy infestation.  Accordingly, the decision was reluctantly made to begin farming this habitat area in 2021 in an effort to gain control over the invasive species.  After a sufficient period, Pottawattamie Conservation will once again replant this area to native species providing the native fauna the habitat they require.

Pheasants Forever Habitat Area
Northwest Corner of I-29 and I-680 Interchange
Crescent, Iowa 51526
(712) 328-5638

Pheasants Forever Habitat Area is 14 acres for not only pheasants but grassland birds, small mammals and invertebrates and is maintained by the Pottawattamie County Conservation Board. In cooperation with Pheasants Forever, the land was purchased in 1989 and is located on the northwest corner of the I-29/I-680 interchange. The habitat area is planted with a mixture of Big Bluestem, Canada Goldenrod, Switchgrass and Indiangrass.

Pheasants Forever Habitat Area Map

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