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Welcome Environmental Education Interns!

Posted on 6/20/2019
Joining our Environmental Education team this summer are two terrific interns. We are so happy to have them here assisting with summer camps, public programming, & the day to day operations of our department. Make sure & look for them the next time you are at the parks!

Introducing Hanna Barnes!

Hello! My name is Hanna Barnes and I am a Naturalist Intern for the summer at Hitchcock Nature Center. I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling, and playing music. I am currently attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha and expecting to graduate in May 2020 with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies and a concentration in the Life Sciences. Entering college, I had no idea of what I wanted to be or to do. After taking a few classes in different areas, the challenge and fun of Environmental Studies captured my attention.

I love puzzles, and the environment itself is incredibly complicated with varying energy webs and relationships. Human interactions with the environment add another layer to this living puzzle. Although it is complicated, I find it fascinating to try and find solutions to environmental issues. Gathering data, helping to solve these issues, and bringing it to the forefront of the public’s mind are my goals for the future.

Children are our future, and with Hitchcock Nature Center I have the opportunity to show them how beautiful and complicated the world is and why we need to help and be careful with our actions. I am very excited for the summer and to begin achieving my goals.

Hanna in action during KinderNature Camp.
Hanna & Michelle lead the way during camp.

Introducing Amay Rushing!

Hi! My name is Amay Rushing I’m from Omaha Nebraska; go to school at University of Stevens Point Wisconsin for a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Wildlife Ecology. I am a naturalist intern at Pottawattamie County Conservation.

Growing up with my family outdoorsy I always saw myself on a natural resource career path. I have spent many years volunteering and working for Gifford farm where I learned that I enjoyed teaching and helping young minds explore and gain more knowledge about the environment around them.

With all recent conflicts with the environment and wildlife it is important to help people care about what’s around them. To be able to do that I need to be able to branch out taking all the opportunities I can to farther my education, I’m super excited that I can do that here at Hitchcock this summer!

Amay is having a great time with our campers.
Amay leading story time during KinderNature Camp.


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