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Ask a Naturalist: Why Does Weather Change

Posted on 5/8/2020

Ever wonder what turns a beautiful blue sky to stormy grey & why it happens so fast sometimes? Naturalist Rene Stroud has the answer in this week’s “Ask a Naturalist” with Pottawattamie Conservation.

Thanks you to 7 year old June from Council Bluffs for that terrific question, we hope you learned a lot! Interested in learning more about weather & the field of science known as Meteorology? Check out these websites!

Do you have a question for our naturalists? Email it along with your name, hometown, & age or grade if you are a student to You may be featured on an upcoming installment of “Ask a Naturalist”!


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Join us for Little Tike Hike at Hitchcock Nature Center (5/8/2020)

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