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Here are Iowa's Junior Duck Stamp Winners

Posted on 6/27/2023
by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Congratulations to the Iowa Junior Duck Stamp Program & Art Contest Winners!

Click here to see all the winning artwork!

The Junior Duck Stamp Program uses an art and science curriculum to teach students in grades K-12 the wonders of our natural world through the use of conservation principles of our North American waterfowl species and the habitats throughout the continental United States and Territories. Curriculum for educators and homeschool parents are available for use with students to get them out exploring and investigating biology and wildlife management principles and then challenge them to compile this knowledge into an original artistic composition. 

Artwork submitted for the Iowa Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest must be original and made by the entrant. Requirements for artwork are as follows:

  • One entry per student with required entry forms. 
  • Entries must be 9 inches in height by 12 inches horizontal. 
  • No borders or lettering allowed on the face of the artwork. 
  • Species used must be on the permitted species list.
  • Must be the original drawing, copies will not qualify for entry. 


Learn more about the Junior Duck Stamp Program!

Judging of Iowa entries is held in March by five individuals with scientific or artistic knowledge. Judging is done through a fair and unbiased process, coordinators do not participate in placing votes for winning entries. An award ceremony to celebrate all 100 winners and participants is held in April.

Iowa entries must be postmarked by March 15.

Congratulations to our 2023 Iowa Junior Duck Stamp Contest Winners!
The Iowa State Coordinator and DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge proudly announce the 2023 Art Contest. Students from around the state put significant time and effort into learning about their North American waterfowl and their habitats, then creating masterful artworks from this knowledge to enter the contest. With five judges to choose our winners in deep deliberation, our best of show and following winning placements were decided for each grade category after competing with 523 other students who participated in the 2023 contest.

The 2023 Iowa Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest Winners are as followed:

Best of Show: Sevriena Postma – Sioux Center, IA.

Best of Show Conservation Message: Sophia Mutchler – Earlham, IA.

“Everyone needs to recognize not just ducks, geese, and swans for their beauty, but for what a big role they play in the environment and how important it is that they stay.”

Greyson’s Award: Lillian Madison – Muscatine, IA.

10-12 First Place Winners: Connor Dowling – Missouri Valley, IA; Elizabeth Baughman – Guthrie Center, IA; and Heidi Wemmie – Eldon, IA.

10-12 Second Place Winners: Ellie Martinsen – Akron, IA; Alaina Wahlberg – Westfield, IA; and Ambrozia Sanders – Ottumwa, IA.

10-12 Honorable Mentions: Rylee Wing – Maquoketa, IA.

7-9 First Place Winners: Taryn Young – West Des Moines, IA and Naleena Frye-Morales – Muscatine, IA.

7-9 Second Place Winners: Aubrey Dowling – Missouri Valley, IA; Elijah Weighner – Waukon, IA; and Isaac Weighner - Waukon, IA.

7-9 Third Place Winners: Avery Countryman – Batavia, IA; Francisco Navarrete-Doran – Ottumwa, IA; and Maggie Overton – Indianola, IA.

7-9 Honorable Mention Winners: Kinnick Galey – Ottumwa, IA; Greyson Johnson – Agency, IA; Brady Johnson – Agency, IA; Karley O’Leary - Agency, IA; Brooklyn Keasling – Batavia, IA; Gary Short – Ottumwa, IA; Malery Mcfarland – Agency, IA; Elio Basilio – Ottumwa, IA; Kreo Williams – Manning, IA; David McCoy – Elden, IA; AJay Wape – Agency, IA; Abigail Duffield – Ottumwa, IA; Sophia Zugg – Batavia, IA; Cameron Matulka – Council Bluffs, IA; and Tristan Robertson – Muscatine, IA.

4-6 First Place Winners: Kam Kuhlman – Woodbine, IA; Bridger LeVake – Cedar Rapids, IA; and Gianna Nietzel – Muscatine, IA.

4-6 Second Place Winners: Landon LeVake – Cedar Rapids, IA; Ava Zantingh – Des Moines, IA; and Avery Burger – Earlham, IA.

4-6 Third Place Winners: Daisy Peate – Muscatine, IA; Laila Weighner – Waukon, IA; and Bennett Hansen – Anamosa, IA.

4-6 Honorable Mention Winners: Paisley Hansen – Marne, IA; Greta Boysen – Wiota, IA; Jeremiah Weighner – Waukon, IA; Kennedy Dales – Des Moines, IA; Quinnley – Earlham, IA; Calvin Slagle – Earlham, IA; Kruz Fagan – Earlham, IA; Emmy Oxendale – Denison, IA; Zane Jellison – Seymour, IA; Claire Sulzberger – Muscatine, IA; Kinsley Kreiger – Muscatine, IA; Avery Nelson – Muscatine, IA; Camryn McKee – Muscatine, IA; Elaina Wolf – Muscatine, IA; and Nolan Reynolds – Muscatine, IA.

K-3 First Place Winners: Kolt Grady – Muscatine, IA; Katheryn Hodapp – Muscatine, IA; and Sylvia Thelen – Des Moines, IA.

K-3 Second Place Winners: Soren LeVake – Cedar Rapids, IA; John Calvin Hager – Muscatine, IA; and Noelle Peters – Muscatine, IA.

K-3 Third Place Winners: Leo Johnson – Muscatine, IA; Hadley Hunter – Muscatine, IA; and David Bark – Muscatine, IA.

K-3 Honorable Mention Winners: Ambrose Nietzel – Muscatine, IA; Colette Nietzel – Muscatine, IA; Ellen Field – Muscatine, IA; Keira Kassel – Muscatine, IA; Augie Nietzel – Muscatine, IA; Raegan Eyeberg – Muscatine, IA; Evan Olson – Muscatine, IA; Gwinnevere Glass – Muscatine, IA; Henry Busch – Muscatine, IA; Brenna Wolf – Muscatine, IA; Katie Butzen – Muscatine, IA; Jordyn – Earlham, IA; Paizlee Dixon – Earlham, IA; Isla Maiers – Earlham, IA; and Mayve Gibson – Earlham, IA.

Special Mention Winners: Finn Burr – Exira, IA; Harper Goodall – Des Moines, IA; Teagan Eyeberg – Muscatine, IA; Sophia Mutchler – Earlham IA; and Justin Sweeney – Anamosa, IA.

For flyers, forms, materials, information or questions about the Iowa Junior Duck Stamp, contact: 
Alyssa Lu
Iowa Federal Jr Duck Stamp Coordinator
Office: 712-388-4820
Cell: 402-676-3652

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