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News & Blog: Holidays

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Outdoor Winter Activity Ideas for the Family

Are the kids starting to get cabin fever? The Pottawattamie Conservation Environmental Education team has you covered!

Environmental Education Team
Environmental Education, Family Fun, Holidays, Winter

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Valley of the Hawk

I learned a valuable lesson about humanity, hope, and stewardship from a Red-tailed Hawk, and think you can, too. Join me this holiday season in pushing the pause button and take a moment to reflect on how you interact with and appreciate the natural world around you.

Dustin Clayton, Naturalist
Conservation, Environmental Education, Hitchcock Nature Center, Holidays

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Some New Year’s Resolutions You Haven’t Thought Of

Are you a little tired of making the same resolution year after year or feeling uninspired by changes you’d like to make? Join us below to learn how humans have been shaped by the New Year and consider a different type of resolution you can make for 2023 and beyond.

Kylie Jacott, Promotions & Outreach Coordinator
Conservation, Healing Home, Holidays

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Tips for a Meaningful Holiday Season: Saving Energy Around the House

Looking for ways to cut back this year, or simply interested in learning how you can make your holiday season more special for you or your family? Pottawattamie Conservation has your back.

Kylie Jacott, Promotions & Outreach Coordinator
Conservation, Healing Home, Holidays, Winter, Zero Waste

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5 Ways to Support Conservation This Holiday Season

We've put together a few last-minute ways where your family can support Pottawattamie Conservation parks and conservation efforts this holiday season:

Kylie Jacott, Promotions & Outreach Coordinator

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Litter Busters!

Learn the intrepid tale of the Dump Busters and continue the legacy by busting some litter at Hitchcock Nature Center for Earth Day!

Rene Stroud, Naturalist
Conservation, Environmental Education, Events, Family Fun, Green Thumbs, Hiking, Hitchcock Nature Center, Holidays, Land Management, Loess Hills, Native Animals, Native Plants, Our Staff, Spring, Volunteering, Zero Waste

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Fun Facts for Groundhog Day

Get to know our favorite weather predicting mammal!

Environmental Education, Holidays, Native Animals

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Nature Lover

Looking for some last minute gift ideas for the nature lover in your life?

Bird Watching, Conservation, Hiking, Holidays, Native Animals, Native Plants

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December Public Programming: Fun in the Winter for the Whole Family!

Winter is a beautiful time in western Iowa! Come along with our Naturalist Michelle on a quick winter walk!

Michelle Biodrowski, Naturalist
Family Fun, Winter, Hitchcock Nature Center, Bird Watching, Holidays

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