ALERT: Full hookup sites now available at Arrowhead Park, Botna Bend Park, and Hitchcock Nature Center for $30 per night.
ALERT: Closure of L-55 Bridge over I-80 (exit 23) to Arrowhead Park scheduled for July 1st. May be closed through early August.

News & Blog: Spring

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What's the Best Way to Welcome Spring? Get Moving Outdoors!

Learn about parks’ powerful role in public health in our series, “Healing Home.”

Kylie Jacott, Promotions & Outreach Coordinator
Conservation, Healing Home, Health, Spring

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Signs of Spring: Turkey Vultures

Spring is in the air! One of the first signs that warmer weather and greener days are on the way? The return of the turkey vulture.

Dorie Stone, Pottawattamie Conservation Volunteer & Nebraska Master Naturalist
Bird Watching, Conservation, Spring

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What Is It Wednesday: Barn Swallow Nest

Learn how barn swallows construct their hearty mud nests and why they sparked the beginning of federal bird protections and conservation efforts in the U.S.

Kylie Jacott, Promotions & Outreach Coordinator
Bird Watching, Conservation, Narrows River Park, Spring

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Help Us Welcome Cattle Grazers to Hitchcock Nature Center's a mooood. We recently introduced local cattle grazers into Hitchcock Nature Center! Learn more about why these important workers are here from one of our Natural Resource Technicians, Aric.

Aric Ping, Natural Resource Technician
Conservation, Healing Home, Hiking, Hitchcock Nature Center, Spring

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Oh Dam, it's International Beaver Day!

Celebrate International Beaver Day by learning fun facts about this magnificent mammal with Pottawattamie Conservation's Environmental Education Coordinator, Amy.

Amy Campagna, Environmental Education Coordinator
Conservation, Environmental Education, Spring

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What Are Oak Tatters?

This year oak leaves seem to be thriving, and it might be thanks to a rainy May.

Jeremy Yost, Natural Resource Technician
Conservation, Land Management, Spring

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Litter Busters!

Learn the intrepid tale of the Dump Busters and continue the legacy by busting some litter at Hitchcock Nature Center for Earth Day!

Rene Stroud, Naturalist
Conservation, Environmental Education, Events, Family Fun, Green Thumbs, Hiking, Hitchcock Nature Center, Holidays, Land Management, Loess Hills, Native Animals, Native Plants, Our Staff, Spring, Volunteering, Zero Waste

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Get Outdoors on a Little Tike Hike this April

Spring has sprung so get outdoors & enjoy some time in nature at Hitchcock Nature Center & Botna Bend Park during this special, self-guided event designed for our youngest nature lovers.

Rene Stroud, Naturalist and Kate Simmons, Community Relations Coordinator
Botna Bend Park, Conservation, Environmental Education, Events, Family Fun, Hiking, Hitchcock Nature Center, Homeschool, Spring, Summer

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