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Help Iowa DNR Track Frog and Toad Populations!

By joining the Volunteer Wildlife Monitoring Program you can be a citizen scientist and help the DNR monitor amphibian species across the state.

Stephanie Shepherd, Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Conservation, Environmental Education, Training

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Join the Loess Hills Nordic Ski Patrol for Outdoor Emergency Care Training

The Loess Hills Nordic Ski Patrol is an invaluable partner organization, patrolling trails at Hitchcock Nature Center, supporting PCC staff during events, & offering important assistance to park visitors in need. We are so grateful for their continued support of our parks & our mission.

Hitchcock Nature Center, Volunteering, Training, Events, Loess Hills

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Environmental Education Day-Hire Opportunities

Do you have a background in education? Are you looking for a way to share that your love of science & nature? Want to get outdoors? Then the Pottawattamie County Conservation Board (PCCB) is looking for you! Our Environmental Education Department is looking for current or former teachers interested in staying active in childhood education by assisting our naturalists with field trip programming this spring as a day-hire employee!

Our Staff, Training, Hitchcock Nature Center

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Fire Refresher Training: March 19th

Prior to Euro-American settlement, fire was a regular occurrence throughout the Great Plains and helped to maintain the health of our natural systems.  In the modern age, land managers utilizing fire must be proficient and thus must train regularly. 

Our Staff, Training, Land Management, Hitchcock Nature Center, Events

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Love the Land During our Introduction to Land Management Program

Do you have a passion for conservation and a desire to learn more about sustainable land management practices & conservation? Well we have a great program for you! All members of the public including students of all ages, land owners, conservation enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and anyone interested in learning responsible land management practices are invited to join us at Hitchcock Nature Center for our 2018 Introduction to Land Management program. All experience levels are encouraged to attend this 6 session programming series.

Hitchcock Nature Center, Events, Conservation, Land Management, Training

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Hunter Education Field Day

A new partnership has developed between Pottawattamie County Conservation and Pottawattamie Pheasants Forever and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Together bringing new opportunities to area hunters in the form of Hunter Education Field Day opportunities in Pottawattamie County. 

Hitchcock Nature Center, Pheasants Forever, Hunting, Training

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Citizen Science & Volunteering Combine at Hitchcock Nature Center

The oak tree is a symbol as much as it is a tree. Dotting the landscape of the Midwest, oak trees have been a common sight since before European settlement. But a newly recognized disease has taken aim at these mighty trees and we want to know why. 

Native Plants, Hitchcock Nature Center, Volunteering, Conservation, Events, Training

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