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News & Blog: Winter

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Hardwater Fishing

Fishing can be fun all year long!

Bob Hladik, Part Time Environmental Education Staff & Lifelong Fisherman
Arrowhead Park, Environmental Education, Habitat Areas, Native Animals, Winter

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Winter Fun at Your County Parks

Winter is a great time to explore your county parks. Here are some ideas to help you stay active all season long.

Arrowhead Park, Botna Bend Park, Environmental Education, Family Fun, Hiking, Hitchcock Nature Center, Loess Hills, Winter

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The Gracious Goldfinch

In 1933, the American Goldfinch, Spinus tristis, was named Iowa’s state bird. Easy to identify with its bright yellow body and contrasting black and white wing markings, this little seed-eating bird is many a birdwatchers favorite visitor to backyard feeders. Around this time of year, however, people begin asking, “Where did all my goldfinches go?”

Amy Campagna, Environmental Education Coordinator
Native Animals, Bird Watching, Winter

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It's Winter in Pottawattamie County

Many people view winter as a sterile, cold, miserable time of the year. A time when the smartest thing to do is hide out in the house until spring. I sometimes think like this, too.  I am no fan of the icy winds that burn your cheeks and freeze fingertips. I prefer the warming spring days, the hot sun of summer, and the cooling breezes of fall. However, now that I am your new Naturalist, I see it as my duty to appreciate every season, even the bitter cold one… So come along with me as we explore the Loess Hills ecosystem and its’ inhabitants in the winter! Should be an adventure!

Winter, Hitchcock Nature Center, Native Plants, Native Animals, Loess Hills

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December Public Programming: Fun in the Winter for the Whole Family!

Winter is a beautiful time in western Iowa! Come along with our Naturalist Michelle on a quick winter walk!

Michelle Biodrowski, Naturalist
Family Fun, Winter, Hitchcock Nature Center, Bird Watching, Holidays

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