ALERT: Full hookup sites now available at Arrowhead Park, Botna Bend Park, and Hitchcock Nature Center for $30 per night.
ALERT: Closure of L-55 Bridge over I-80 (exit 23) to Arrowhead Park scheduled for July 1st. May be closed through early August.

News & Blog: Autumn

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HawkWatch Celebrates 30 Years of Raptor Conservation

The Hitchcock HawkWatch volunteer group has recorded the migration of hundreds of thousands of eagles, hawks, owls, vultures and falcons since 1991, and it’s time to celebrate their hard work!

Kylie Jacott, Promotions & Outreach Coordinator
Autumn, Bird Watching, Events, HawkWatch, Hitchcock Nature Center, News, Volunteering

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2020 HawkWatch Season Report

Our 2020 HawkWatch season has wrapped up, find out what was flying in our season report.

Earl Johnson, Hawk Counter
Autumn, Bird Watching, Conservation, HawkWatch, Hitchcock Nature Center, Loess Hills, Native Animals

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Fauna Feature: Wild Turkeys

How much do you know about the wild turkey?

Environmental Education Staff
Autumn, Bird Watching, Conservation, Loess Hills, Native Animals

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Celebrate National Bat Week October 24th - 31st!

Get to know these amazing flying mammals as we kick off Bat Week 2020!

Kristen Bieret, Sac County Conservation Naturalist
Autumn, Conservation, Homeschool, Native Animals

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September 2020 HawkWatch Report

Catch up on the latest HawkWatch news with our September activity report.

Earl Johnson, Hawk Counter
Autumn, Bird Watching, Conservation, HawkWatch, Hitchcock Nature Center, Loess Hills, Native Animals, News

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Bumble Bee Bed & Breakfast

A chilly September morning finds two bumble bee bachelors fast asleep and tucked away into a stiff stem goldenrod. A common sight this time of the year for those in the right place at the right time. If these males are fit enough their genetics will be passed on to a new colony of bumble bees next spring.

Autumn, Green Thumbs, Loess Hills, Native Animals, Native Plants

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Identify: Tremendous Trees

Kody Wohlers, Natural Resources Technician
Autumn, Native Plants

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The Fiery Hues of the Prairie Grasses in Autumn

I don’t think enough people give our native grasses the fame they deserve.

Native Plants, Autumn, Conservation

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Get to Know: Erin Scott, Hawk Counter

It is autumn again at Hitchcock Nature Center & while that may mean slowing down for other parks in our area it means a whole new flurry of activity for our staff & guests with the return of the Hitchcock HawkWatch. Each year from September 1st through the end of December our observation tower is staffed daily by a team of volunteer raptor enthusiasts, the HawkWatchers, headed by their fearless leader, the seasonal Hawk Counter.  This team spends the fall scanning the skies of the Missouri River Valley spotting and cataloging migrating raptors such as hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls. 

HawkWatch, Bird Watching, Hitchcock Nature Center, Our Staff, Native Animals, Conservation, Autumn

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Something for Everyone on October 13th!

Pottawattamie County Conservation has a full day of programming planned for Saturday, October 13th. There is something for everyone and with events happening at 3 of our parks you are sure to find the perfect event for your Saturday!

Halloween, Botna Bend Park, Autumn, Events, Hitchcock Nature Center, Speaker Series, Arrowhead Park, Family Fun

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Festive Fall Bunting

Looking for a fun and easy way to decorate for any season or occasion? My go-to decoration is always a bunting. This versatile little craft can be made with a few dollars worth of materials and hung from doors, mantles, shelves, window frames ... anything! 

Autumn, Hitchcock Nature Center

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