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News & Blog: Healing Home

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What's the Best Way to Welcome Spring? Get Moving Outdoors!

Learn about parks’ powerful role in public health in our series, “Healing Home.”

Kylie Jacott, Promotions & Outreach Coordinator
Conservation, Healing Home, Health, Spring

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Help Us Welcome Cattle Grazers to Hitchcock Nature Center's a mooood. We recently introduced local cattle grazers into Hitchcock Nature Center! Learn more about why these important workers are here from one of our Natural Resource Technicians, Aric.

Aric Ping, Natural Resource Technician
Conservation, Healing Home, Hiking, Hitchcock Nature Center, Spring

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Farm Creek Improvements Support Local Wildlife, Benefit Hunters

Natural Resource Technician Jeremy shares how prairie restoration, edge feathering, and invasive species management are creating an oasis for wildlife and humans alike at Farm Creek Public Wildlife Area.

Jeremy Yost, Natural Resource Technician
Conservation, Healing Home, Hunting, Land Management, Pheasants Forever

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Oppose Senate File 516 & Protect Public Land for Future Generations

Your voice is needed TODAY to oppose Iowa legislation that is intended to hurt conservation efforts and decrease public land access for future generations.

Kylie Jacott, Promotions & Outreach Coordinator
Conservation, Healing Home

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Winter Nights Woods Walking

If you haven't taken part in a winter nighttime hike before, 2023 is your year! Learn more about all of the beauty, wonder, and contemplation to be had underneath the starry winter sky from our newest Naturalist, Dustin:

Dustin Clayton, Naturalist
Environmental Education, Healing Home, Hiking, Winter

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Some New Year’s Resolutions You Haven’t Thought Of

Are you a little tired of making the same resolution year after year or feeling uninspired by changes you’d like to make? Join us below to learn how humans have been shaped by the New Year and consider a different type of resolution you can make for 2023 and beyond.

Kylie Jacott, Promotions & Outreach Coordinator
Conservation, Healing Home, Holidays

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Tips for a Meaningful Holiday Season: Saving Energy Around the House

Looking for ways to cut back this year, or simply interested in learning how you can make your holiday season more special for you or your family? Pottawattamie Conservation has your back.

Kylie Jacott, Promotions & Outreach Coordinator
Conservation, Healing Home, Holidays, Winter, Zero Waste

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Prairie High Tide

Iowa is speckled with tide pools of prairie. Pool to pool, reconnecting these stubborn droplets of prairie is one of the most important things the Pottawattamie Conservation Natural Areas Management department does. Learn why:

Aric Ping, Natural Resource Technician
Conservation, Healing Home, Hitchcock Nature Center, Our Staff

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5 Ways to Manage Anxiety: Build Your Relationship with the Outdoors

Did you know? Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issue in the U.S., with almost 1 in 5 adults (40 million people) living with general or social anxiety, panic attacks, or phobias.

Kylie Jacott, Promotions & Outreach Coordinator
Healing Home, Health

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